Close the exposures of today,
to prevent the attacks of tomorrow

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XM Cyber is transforming the way organizations find and fix security exposures across the hybrid cloud. See how attackers leverage and combine misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, identity exposures, and more, across your AWS, Azure, GCP and on-prem environments to compromise your critical assets. With XM Cyber, you can see all the ways attackers might go, and all the best ways to stop them, with a fraction of the effort.


The new way to address hybrid cloud exposures

Answer Critical Questions

Prioritize Game-Over Issues

Continuously Reduce Risk

24/7 monitoring of your environment for new exposures that emerge as a result of the dynamic environment, with accurate remediation of the exposures that matter.

See your true risk when exposures and security controls come together

Uncover security control gaps and exposures that are exploitable in your environment to understand how attackers use them to move through your hybrid and cloud networks. With XM Cyber, you can see the path attackers take, and where your critical assets are at risk. Then cut them off at choke points to prioritize what's most important, for accurate and cost-effective remediation.

Continuous exposure reduction

across on-prem, cloud, SaaS and hybrid

Exposure Insights

What’s at risk, trends,
compliance & board reporting

Attack Path Analysis

Attack graph view from any
breach point to critical assets

Prioritized Remediation

Laser-focused risk removal

See the
before it

Find out why some of the world’s largest , most complex organizations choose XM Cyber to help eradicate risk.

Discover how Schwarz Group, the largest retailer in Europe, uses XM Cyber to see issues before they happen and then prioritize accordingly. Learn more in this short video!

Find out why some of the world’s largest , most complex organizations choose XM Cyber to help eradicate risk.

Understanding different attack types and how they move around in an environment, that's really where XM Cyber plays a big part for us.

Anne Petruff Vice President of Enterprise Services

Find out why some of the world’s largest , most complex organizations choose XM Cyber to help eradicate risk.

Because it offers continuous, automated protection, security issues that would normally take dozens of manual steps to discover are surfaced almost instantaneously.
We have historically been compelled to focus pen tests on non-critical areas of infrastructure, as the risk of collateral damage-related downtime was too great. Thanks to XM Cyber's automated testing, this problem was solved, and protection was extended across the entire infrastructure.

Jens Meier CEO, Hamburg Port Authority

Customer Voice

Insurance Organization
“We are having more meaningful conversations with IT operations because we are able to lay out what vulnerabilities that we should be addressing, and we get their buy-in. We may show them that we don’t have compensating controls in certain areas, so new priorities are needed.”
Director of information security, governance, and risk compliance
"Seeing the attack path before the attackers can really use it makes me speechless."
Non-Profit Organization
"We were living in an imaginary feeling of security, but the reality of existing attack paths was shocking, and the findings were really impressive!"
Large European Retailer
"They have been as responsive now ... as they were when they were trying to make the sale... We’re used to vendors being right there in the sales cycle and then you’re kind of on your own until you call them. They are very good about proactively reaching out."
Director of information security, governance, and compliance
Insurance Organization
"Microsoft announced a large vulnerability that affected domain controllers and servers, we were able with XM Cyber's help to identify that vulnerability weeks before Microsoft announced that. We were able to patch our environment and get our environment squared up."
Large European Bank
"This is why we like XM Cyber, even when you think you fixed an issue, XM will show you if the risk still exists."

Local Municipality

Risk exposure by the numbers

of an organization's critical assets can be compromised in their current security state
of exposures do not lead to critical assets
of top attack techniques involve mismanaged or stolen credentials

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